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Life gets busy, but we can still get our stories written!
Busy Life Books is here to provide resources to help you get your story written
despite all of life's distractions.

It's easy to put off writing when so many other things demand attention.

On this website you'll find resources to help make daily writing easier. You'll also find story prompts when you're short on ideas, and five minute sprints to make some quick progress throughout the day whenever you have a short break.

5 Minute Sprints

Make progress on your story whenever you have a few minutes free with these quick guides!

Writing Tools

Check out some great resources to make your writing process easier!

Story Prompts

Feeling short on ideas today or just want to do some writing practice? Try some prompts!
About the Author

Victoria Mara

What I love to write: cozy mysteries, science fiction, children's books, and non-fiction technical books.